Yang Advisors

A niche accounting advisory gets better brand differentiation, clear product offerings, and a professional website upgrade.

Yang Advisors is a European accounting firm founded by some former PriceWaterhouseCooper alum. They had a general website for their consultancy that wasn’t driving any leads.

Client: Yang Advisors
Services: Business Differentiation, Digital Strategy, Branding, Web design and development

Yang Advisors needed help differentiating their consulting business, honing in on their product offerings, and attracting their ideal clients. They wanted to raise their firm’s profile through better web presentation, and generate new opportunities.

Getting Focused

We worked together to really drill down on what makes their consultancy different than other boutique accounting firms, by focusing on the areas of expertise they want to work in (GAAP and IFPRS accounting), then worked to design service offerings around that expertise.

Next, we focused on which industries needed those services the most, and developed a series of pages demonstrating Yangs’ expertise in the specific challenges for each industry in terms of GAAP and IFPRS accounting. We spent a lot of hours crafting and perfecting these descriptions.

Once their service offerings had been designed and expertise established, we worked to formulate a design for the site that was polished and professional by reframing their visual branding (fonts, colors, and images), sourcing new artwork for the site, and finally redesigning the website to incorporate all these changes.


As Yang Advisors refocuses their content to be razor sharp in the industries they were hoping to serve, they were able to design a new suite of targeted services, and use their website as a targeting tool for prospective clients. The professional presentation has significantly boosted conversions, focused on how they work and how easy it could be to get started.

“Medium & Message was simply outstanding! They brought our consulting site to a completely different level and we are now very proud of it. {Medium & Message} are amazing copy writers, they listened to us, got our ideas very quickly and managed to express them in a simple yet stylish and compelling way. They were very flexible, and communicated efficiently and effectively. Adhered to deadlines and budget and even provided lots of extra tips and advice. We would love to work with them again - highly recommended!”

Petar Angelov CEO, Yang Advisors

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