Round Rock Foundation for the Arts / Next Act

Branding, strategy, content and web design to support the fundraising efforts of a new arts foundation.

The Next Act Foundation (previously the Round Rock Foundation for the Arts), a new arts non-profit in suburban Austin, TX, came to us needing branding: a fun, vibrant look to promote its mission and message; a website to forward its goals; and a strategy for promoting their work and the arts in Round Rock.

Client: Round Rock Foundation for the Arts
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website

The Goals: promote the nonprofit’s mission, raise donations for grant-making activities and – pave the way for construction of a new arts center in Round Rock

The Next Act Foundation (formerly known as the Round Rock Foundation for the Arts) was a brand new 501(c)3 non-profit, created to invest in the long-term financial security and stability of local arts organizations through grant making in Round Rock, as well as to raise funds for the establishment of a multi-use performing arts space in the city; essentially, RRFA works to make the arts sustainable in Round Rock.

The goals of the site were to promote the mission of the organization, raise donations for grant making activities and the construction of a multi-purpose arts center in Round Rock, provide a community events calendar to bring together all the arts events happening in the community, and build their email list for future marketing efforts. Further, Round Rock needed help with information architecture, content strategy, copy writing, and social media.

Process and Insight

The organization adopted a CMYK color palette for their branding, in a nod to the production process of art. These bright colors then were complemented with a set of bright, abstract artworks to serve as site page images.

RRFA also needed a “foundational image”

to use as their primary marketing image to use on the front page of the site and in future marketing materials. We created an iconic Round-Rock-As-Art piece for the front page of the site and for use in future collateral.

The Solution

Once the new branding elements were in place, through an organized process of discovery, we created an information infrastructure focused on helping the organization achieve its goals: fundraising for arts center construction and grant-making activity, being a clearinghouse of arts events information in Round Rock, and establishing itself as an authority on the arts in the area.

We also spent some time focused on the best web practices in the non-profit space, to ensure that RRFA would have all competitive advantages entering the space.

``The guidance Medium & Message gave us on best practices for websites in the non-profit space went a long way in helping us put together our content and donations page.

Throughout the entire process, the team at Medium & Message were professional, easy to work with and displayed an incredible amount of patience with us, a new nonprofit in the early stages of development.``

Heather Riddle Round Rock Foundation for the Arts Board Member