Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

A steakhouse gets a brand makeover as it expands into new markets.

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse is a restaurant with two locations in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. In partnership with our friends at Immedia PR, we created a comprehensive visual branding campaign, website overhaul, email marketing strategy, graphics and print collateral digital marketing, social media automation, and ongoing web support for the restaurants.

Client: Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website
Please Note: This client has made modifications to the original website as we built it. Our designs as featured here show our final product, but current versions of their site do not necessarily represent our work.

Expanding Markets

The Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse brand was successfully established in 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta. After building a ravingly successful business in Edmonton, business partners Oscar and Joao took the leap into Calgary, establishing themselves in the downtown district popular with the business jet set. The new restaurant featured a large and impressive wine cellar, a sleek, glassy dining room, and a distinctly urban feel differentiating it from its Edmonton location.

Building a wildly successful restaurant at an upper price range, and then translating that success into a new market with markedly different clientele and look and feel is no small task.

Pampa’s branding and website had been created upon the initial establishment of the Edmonton location, and it was time for a refresh to position itself in its a new market and address the ever-improving field of web design. Their existing site was a turnkey solution that did little to differentiate it from any number of other businesses that used the same service; it was not responsive; and it did not position the restaurant as a high end dining destination.

Process and Insight

Beginning with an overhaul of brand imagery, a beautiful set of custom photography was created to feature the interior design, attractive food, and wine cellar of the Calgary location. From there, based on existing colors, we updated the brand color palette and fonts, choosing as a decorative headline font one that emulated the long skewers that meat is served from table side (Churrascuria style, in Brazilian Portuguese parlance). We developed brand elements to be used in menus, advertisements, and on the website – including converting photographs of the unique tools used to serve churrascuria table side into vector graphics. We also did an extraordinary amount of work finding the perfect cow to represent the restaurant on its home page.

The Solution

Once the new branding elements were in place, we built a website prominently featuring the food and ambiance of the space, that served to inform the public on churrascuria style dining, entice them to visit, encouraged them to book reservations, sign up for the email list, and join in for special events at the restaurant.From there, we created new menus, magazine advertisements, and in-house collateral for signage, banners, business cards, and more, built all upon the visual branding strategy we’d created in the first phase of development. We continued to collaborate on email campaigns, leading strategy and design efforts.

Print Ads, Menus, Email Marketing, Social media design and more…

Over time we continued to collaborate with Pampa on their designs for ad buys, social media marketing materials, and email marketing. We also designed much of the new in-restaurant collateral: Menus, signage, and more.


Over the year the new site has been live, Pampa has added thousands of new email subscribers to its Calgary and Edmonton mailing lists; significantly increased its reservations and sales at its Calgary location; and positioned itself for further growth through its boosted perceived credibility. This increase in reputation has lead to a number of opportunities to appear on local TV and in the local press.