Midcentury Modern Apartment

An e-commerce site gets smart digs and a logo.

Midcentury Modern Apartment is an online furniture retailer offering curated mid-century modern style furniture, bridging the the gap between classic midcentury modern furniture design and modern affordable options. Over the last few years, Midcentury Modern Apartment had launched an ecommerce solution, but it needed updating to feature its products well, encourage social sharing, and provide a platform that played up its product offerings in an attractive manner to make it appear more like a lifestyle-driven curated collection.

Through a very collaborative effort, we helped Midcentury Modern Apartment redesign and relaunch its web platform with an emphasis on e-commerce and a hybrid blend of user experience and visual design.

Client: Midcentury Modern Apartment
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website

Process and Insight

We began with a deep look at what competitors were doing, and into the best practices in the furniture e-commerce space specifically. White and bright seemed to be the prevailing ethos. In this phase we also updated the logo and font choices of the brand to be more modern, but still keeping the original spirit of the logo and brand colors in place.

mcma iphone 2
mcma iphone 1
mcma iphone 3


Midcentury Modern Apartment achieved a return on investment in less than 3 months, a rapid ROI. Bounce rates decreased by 30% and inbound link traffic increased 45% in that same period, thanks to an active and automated pinterest campaign baked into our design. Success!