Dow Dupont

Two powerful brands. United in a potential merger and a website announcing it.

When our friends at nVision NY approached us to build an anonymous merger and aqsuitions website in secret, in the dead of night, and quickly, we felt a little like batman on a mission. The challenge was to build something that would effectively meld two (at the time unknown) brands, house press releases, merger documents, legal disclaimers (including restricting access until legal disclaimers were accepted), feature presentation decks, videos, and important investor Q & As, make use of lightboxes, be flexible and scalable in terms of traffic, and or course be viewable from iphones and tablets, and market news is often consumed via mobile devices and instant alerts.

Client: Dow Dupont
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website
Please Note: This client has made modifications to the original website as we built it. Our designs as featured here show our final product, but current versions of their site do not necessarily represent our work.

Process and Insight

Much of the site build happened over a weekend. Bootstrap was the tool of choice for a working code foundation, as it offered quick solutions to columns and mobile scaling. Fancybox was used for lightboxes, yet presented its own set of challenges as light boxes don’t work well on mobile and tablet.

The Solution

First, the site needed to be restricted to not be viewable until market day the day of the announcement. Several iterations of the site were needed to roll out at different times through announcement day: One at market open, and one as the investor call / announcement was proceeding; and still a third after the announcement to add additional information, news, and transcripts from investor meetings. We worked through the night to make last minute changes and produce the differently timed versions.



The site was launched successfully and received thousands of hits in the first few hours of creation, which thanks to the use of scaling cloud architecture never went down or experienced delays during this peak in server demand. The site eventually made its way to the number 1 spot on google for Dow DuPont, thanks to some SEO magic we worked on the backend. As a quickly scaled and complex project, it has served the needs of the clients well.