Brookfield Residential

A residential community gets a community blog to connect neighbors and share news.

Brookfield Residential is an international residential land developer and homebuilder headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with developments in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, the Washington D.C. area, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Austin, and Denver.

Brookfield wanted a microsite for their residential communities in their Alberta market (Calgary as well as Edmonton) in order to create a sense of community and provide a place where residents could connect with each other and keep up on the neighborhood news. With our friends at Immedia PR handling content, we were challenged with creating something that was friendly and inviting, more communal than corporate, yet adhered to the comprehensive branding guidelines of the company.

Client: Brookfield Residential
Date: 2015
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website

Process and Insight

Brookfield’s brand style is grid-based, blocky, with image color overlays in bold, trustworthy colors, so we sought to incorporate that look and feel into the blog layout. We sourced new, fresh imagery that is in line with the brands corporate photography standards yet presented a more neighborly, family and young first home-like feel.

The Solution

The solution we put together keeps to the the Brookfield look and feel while being a friendly, 2016 style blog site. We designed the site with content, engagement, and readability in mind, focusing on a clean grid-based layout that made use of their color overlay styles on image mouseovers, in sidebar information blocks, and more.


The client saw increased community engagement through the local blog, noting that “we are floored and thrilled with the design! Thank you so much for this awesome work!”