Dow Dupont

When our friends at nVision NY approached us to build an anonymous merger and aqsuitions website in secret, in the dead of night, and quickly, we felt a little like batman on a mission. The challenge was to build something that would effectively meld two (at the time unknown) brands, house press releases, merger documents, legal disclaimers (including restricting access until legal disclaimers were accepted), feature presentation decks, videos, and important investor Q & As, make use of lightboxes, be flexible and scalable in terms of traffic, and or course be viewable from iphones and tablets, and market news is often consumed via mobile devices and instant alerts.

Brookfield Residential

Brookfield Residential is an international residential land developer and homebuilder headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with developments in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, the Washington D.C. area, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Austin, and Denver.

Brookfield wanted a microsite for their residential communities in their Alberta market (Calgary as well as Edmonton) in order to create a sense of community and provide a place where residents could connect with each other and keep up on the neighborhood news. With our friends at Immedia PR handling content, we were challenged with creating something that was friendly and inviting, more communal than corporate, yet adhered to the comprehensive branding guidelines of the company.

Tourism Calgary

TC needed a newly designed media room website that would familiarize journalists with the many attractions and fun to be had in Calgary, arm them with the facts and figures they would need to write informed and interesting pieces, connect journalists with more resources, and give them a number of potential thematic itineraries for trips to Calgary. TC described it as “A one-stop shop for story ideas, suggested media tours, upcoming events, news releases and coverage, you will also find links to videos and photography for editorial use.”

The previous site was outdated in design, needed better information architecture, and needed a greatly expanded set of content for maximum engagement with journalists to increase Calgary’s visibility as a vacation destination. Our friends at Immedia PR engaged us for the build based on our history of managing the media room site for Bank of America.

Abnormally Proper Wines

The Abnormally Proper project was a branding concept web and design package for a long-standing family-owned winery on Long Island.

Every brand needs a great story. This is particularly important in wine, where product differentiation makes the difference between which bottle consumers pluck off the shelves, whether or not someone visits a winery tasting room, and whether or not a distributor wants to carry a product. Thankfully, the Abnormally Proper brand didn’t have to dig too much to tell a story: a family winery dating back to after World War II.


We helped unify the two brands (wine bars and shops) by creating consistent brand guidelines to be used across physical and digital properties and in their printed collateral. We also charted their future digital strategy for continuing online engagement, social enagement, and email marketing to convert those online visitors to in-person ones.

Midcentury Modern Apartment

Midcentury Modern Apartment is an online furniture retailer offering curated mid-century modern style furniture, bridging the the gap between classic midcentury modern furniture design and modern affordable options. Over the last few years, Midcentury Modern Apartment had launched an ecommerce solution, but it needed updating to feature its products well, encourage social sharing, and provide a platform that played up its product offerings in an attractive manner to make it appear more like a lifestyle-driven curated collection.

Through a very collaborative effort, we helped Midcentury Modern Apartment redesign and relaunch its web platform with an emphasis on e-commerce and a hybrid blend of user experience and visual design.